Choosing the Right Payment Solution Provider for You!

Whether you are starting a small business receiving monthly payments or a mature company managing large transactions on a daily basis, there comes a crucial time when you are looking for the right online payment gateway to implement to your website.

If you can't choose between Opn Payments and PayPal, look no further. Let us introduce you to aspects you should consider when selecting a service provider and which solution may be more suitable for your business.

Who is Opn Payments?

Opn Payments is a modern payment platform optimized for Southeast Asia. Our solutions offer scalable, flexible payment options to companies based in Asia, particularly those in digital commerce. We help online businesses develop the tool set they need to operate smoothly and effectively.

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Who is Omise_-1 - Compressed

Empower Merchants

Merchant3x - Compressed

Merchant dashboard

Payment transactions analysis and real-time information

Workflow3x - Compressed


Automate your manual processes

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Social Payment Links

Let your customers pay in three simple steps

Built for Developers

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JavaScript Libraries

Secure and seamless checkout experience on Websites

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Mobile SDKs

Secure and seamless checkout experience in Mobile Application

Who is PayPal?

An American fintech company that caters to both consumers and merchants with its services.

At the consumer level, it functions as an eWallet service that enables people to buy or transfer money with their PayPal account. On the merchant level, PayPal offers payment gateway solutions for businesses whose customers use either its eWallet or other local payment methods.

PayPal supports the full scope of businesses with tools that provide insights on transactions and the ability to act quickly in times of disputes. Its reporting feature also gives a clear picture of where your customers come from and how you can market to them in the future. With flexible payment options, businesses can accept payments from their website, email, or social media.

Empower Merchants

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PayPal Reports

Insights of where your customers come from and how you can market to them in the future

Workflow3x-1 - Compressed

Flexible Payment Options

Accepting payments via website, email, or social media

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Support Multiple Currencies

Automated currency conversion feature

Built for Developers

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Library of Resources and Documents

Integrate the most well-known payment methods onto your Websites

Opn Payments & PayPal:

Great tools that help you manage your business

The choice of which payment gateway service you choose will very much depend on your specific needs.

Both offer secure, mobile-and-developer-friendly services. In addition to being a payment gateway provider, PayPal also grants loans to its customers and even offers itself up as a payment option. Opn Payments, on the other hand, prides itself on its security and the speed at which payments go into your account.

4 Essential Things to any

Good Payment Solution Provider

Flexible and Streamlined Solutions - Compressed

Flexible and streamlined solutions

Choosing the right payment solution can be a hassle and requires many criteria. A good payment gateway would offer flexible and streamlined solutions that meet the business's ever-changing needs without losing efficiency in the process.

Today, it is crucial for businesses to adapt and offer a variety of digital payment methods to cope with customers' demands. Effectively integrating an innovative payment solution will definitely expand your business market, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain consumer retention.

Opn Payments
Mobile / Desktop Mobile / Desktop
Available in Singapore
Yes Yes
Support Card Payment Methods
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express credit/debit  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or UnionPay credit/debit
Support Bank Payment Methods

Singapore: Support all major banks in Singapore via PayNow

Malaysia: Support all major banks in Malaysia via FPX

Japan: Support all major banks in Japan via Pay-Easy

Thailand: Support all major banks in Thailand via direct integrations

Singapore: any local or US banks except for UOB

Malaysia: only accept using PayPal, credit cards and debit cards

Japan: Rakuten Bank

Thailand: Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Krungthai Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, etc.

Support QR Payment Methods

Singapore: PayNow

Thailand: PromptPay

PayPal One Touch Mobile Application

Support eWallet Payment Methods

Singapore: Alipay+

Thailand: TrueMoney Wallet, Rabbit LINE Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay

PayPal eWallet

Seamless Checkout Experience
No Redirect Redirect
Payment Links
Supports both cards and local payment methods Supports only cards
Checkout Integration/Customization

Applied REST API

Offer e-commerce plugins for several popular platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce

Let businesses fully customize their checkout process to maintain brand image

Applied REST API

PayPal Buy Now button plugin allows you to add PayPal Buy Now button to your site

Limited to displaying logo image on the standard PayPal checkout page


Platform Where You Have Control - Compressed

Platform Where You Have Control and Transparency of Merchants' Fees

Security or confidential data is of utmost importance, as is having tools that can retrieve and consolidate customer data to help you make informed decisions.

Indeed, privacy is a priority concern for users nowadays, and your business could suffer from drop-offs at the checkout process due to a lack of trust in your payment solutions. Therefore, security is essential to facilitate payments and allow for a reassuring and seamless customer experience.

Some security standards for payment solution providers include PIN Transaction Security Point of Interaction, PCI 3-D Secure Software Development, Point-to-Point Encryption, etc. By continuing to identify threats and vulnerabilities, it would prevent providers from data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Opn Payments
PCI Compliant, 3D Security Layer, Token Authorization PCI Compliant, 3D Security Layer, Token Authorization
Entrusted Clients
McDonalds, BMW, The Pizza Company, etc. Spotify, ASOS, Grab, etc.


Secure Platform - Compressed

Secure Platform to Manage Transactions and Customers Information

Charges to both your bank and payment gateway provider are unfortunately inevitable when accepting online payments. What's important is how you can mitigate those costs as much as possible while remaining completely aware of where your money is going. This can be done by either choosing a more affordable payment gateway solution or a service that can provide alternative lower-cost payment methods at checkout.

A good example of a low-cost payment method is PayNow. Unlike card payments, it does not charge customers any extra bank fees and is generally a cheaper payment option. With nearly 70% of Singapore's population using the dynamic QR payment method, this is a definite must-have option for merchants doing business there.

Opn Payments
Pricing / Transaction Fee
3.3% + SGD $0.30 3.9% + SGD $0.50
Scheduled billing, run on autopilot - charge customer a single price on a recurring basis, automate splitting of payouts, API PayPal Commerce Platform provides you with the tools and resources to streamline your operations


Platform that empowers - Compressed

Platform that empowers you to take actions

A payment gateway is not only a tool for accepting payments and securing transactions. It contributes essential data of activities on your platform to help evaluate your performance and guide you towards making relevant decisions in the future.

Real-time reporting allows businesses to take immediate action when any suspicious activities or errors appear. Managing your company's activities and analysis should be done with ease through a well-laid out, user-friendly dashboard with capable tools that let you filter and export your information.

Opn Payments
Reporting Features

Monitor real-time each step of the payment flow, including specific details on orders, authorizations failures, reason codes, and settlement activity in one single dashboard

Reports allow businesses to identify potential areas for improvement and take action wherever necessary

Reporting, analytics, customer’s data and cash management tools in one single dashboard

Generate and download financial and transaction report daily including revenue, activities details, dispute cases and chargebacks


The Choice Is Yours

Each option comes with its own set of advantages and setbacks. It’s up to you as a business owner to discern which positives work the best for your business and which negatives you can bear with.

Opn Payments

Opn Payments should be your choice if your business is mainly focused on Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia or Japan and your needs require you to receive payments as soon as possible, with minimal chance of system errors at an affordable rate.


  • Payout settlement time as fast as 3 days 

  • 99.99% service uptime, meaning no disruption during peak hours

  • Cheaper payment transactions

  • Secure with highest grade card encryption and PCI compliance

  • Non-redirect checkout experience to improve drop off rate

  • Localized payment methods in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan including mobile banking, internet banking, eWallets and QR payment.


  • Certain payment options are restricted by country

  • Complicated onboarding process

  • Offers payment solutions to a limited number of countries


If your business is international, your customers frequently use PayPal and you can afford to be a bit more patient in waiting for payments to come through then PayPal should be your choice.


  • Offers payment solutions to multiple continents and supports more currencies

  • Easy to get set up

  • PCI compliant and transaction protection program for both sellers and buyers


  • More expensive payment transactions

  • Lack of localized alternate payment methods in Southeast Asia

  • Redirect checkout experience increases chances of drop offs

  • Payout settlement time can take up to 7 days depending on the bank



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